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In 2004, with the support of the Liaoning Provincial Education Bureau, Sun Wah International Business School(SWIBS) was established by the partnership of Liaoning University, China, De Montfort University, UK, and Sun Wah Group, Hong Kong. Today, SWIBS has become a successful business school that enjoys increasing reputation in Liaoning Province, the Northeast region and across the country.

SWIBS is a very unique business school. It uses not only original, but also foreign textbooks and has many foreign teachers teaching a wide range of subjects, while maintaining its core values, it also absorbs western business and management ideas and applies them to teaching and management. In the future, SWIBS will also cooperate with well-known institutions in other countries to expand the field of running schools. 

Our most important goal is to maximize the commercial value of our students. I am proud that we have delivered more value to our students. The learning experiences in SWIBS will not only prepare students for their first job, but also lay the foundation for their lifelong career. Graduates of SWIBS excel in both English and professional knowledge. We have taken many positive measures to make the learning process of students in SWIBS the most valuable and beneficial experience in their life.

Sun Wah International Business School of Liaoning University, as the special zone to cultivate the talents to the demand of international talent market, will be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and building a first-class international business school! 

Welcome to Sun Wah International Business School!


Dean, Sun Wah International Business School, Liaoning University

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